Architecture emerges...!

Out of the dust and rubble, a finished building is starting to take shape! Some of the Inscape boys are helpfully demonstrating the garden extension being used as it was intended.In the kitchen, the most important little window in the world brings some much needed light into the back of the basement. The focus now is on completing the bespoke joinery packages before decorating can begin.


Fixed glazing installed

The installation of the fixed glazing is a big leap forwards, and for the first time the extension feels like a completed space. The kitchen is being installed, and more floor and wall finishes are going in. A late decision to keep the exposed brickwork along the stair is an exciting addition to the material palette.


Work starts on site

Inscape start on site by stripping out the existing ceilings and linings. It became immediately apparent that the existing structure was in a terrible state of repair, with huge cracks in crumbling masonry, missing broken lintels and evidence that parts of the structure had moved by around half a foot in places. Slightly disconcerting considering the 5-storeys of Listed Building above us...