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Iona Craft Shop

We are so happy to be working on designs for a new Iona Craft Shop, replacing the existing shop building and its adjoining residential accommodation with a new building giving more space to display the lovely Craft Shop wares, with a two bedroom flat for holiday-lets above. We wanted to follow the lead of Iona Craft Shop’s style: simple, elegant and beautifully crafted with warmth and colour. The designs invite in passers-by; drawing people in through a sheltered, covered entrance nook into a flexible open shop floor space with views out across the field beyond and on down to Martyrs Bay. 

We will be working closely with our clients to imbue the understated forms of the building with details and material treatments to invite discovery and to delight. The fit-out of the building with shop furniture and display will form a holistic part of the overall design, focussed on providing a space that should be a pleasure to browse in.

Our commission also includes development of a new building (‘The Sheds’) immediately over the road from the Shop which will house the Shop activities while building work is taking place and will then find new life as a venue for arts and crafts exhibitions and accommodation for a mini studio for visiting artists-in-residence. The new building replaces existing storage sheds and a small dwelling and takes its architectural cues from both this existing shed materiality and the proposed Shop opposite. The new building responds to the siting of existing mature trees, level changes across the site and the Nunnery, a Scheduled Ancient Monument and neighbour to the Sheds.

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