Snowy peaks and frosty ground

Frost on the ground at Mains of Kynachan today and the edges of Loch Tummel have frozen over. Despite the masonry work moving more slowly due to the frosty cold conditions on site, we were still able to see one of the carefully designed ends to the Caithness wall. The single bespoke cuts of Caithness give a beautiful finish to the walls. The zinc to the eaves has been folded to form the bespoke gutters and is almost complete. The house has had a good chance to start drying out as it becomes well insulated, which also means the first fixes to the plumbing and electrics have been able to happen. Perhaps the most exciting part of our site visit today was being able to see the living room double-height space without any scaffolding! The space really opens up but feels very comfortable at the same time. Looking forward to seeing the structural glazing going in after the Christmas break!