Loch-side Bothy

We have always been lucky to work on some wonderful projects at WT Architecture, but sometimes we get to work on projects we really wish could be our own.

We have recently been developing some initial designs for a small private bothy on a secluded and inaccessible loch-side location. This modest building will be a place for our clients to retreat to with their friends and family, enjoying canoeing in the summer and evenings of whisky and fireside chat in the winter.

Although an apparently simple structure, the building responds very carefully to the topography and orientation of the site, the position of trees and the directions of key views. The simple timber structure will be cloaked in black timber cladding and metal roofing, whilst the interior will be whitewashed. Four sleeping areas are provided, a stove for warmth and cooking, and practical bench seating and countertop furniture.