New Project - The Forth Bridges Welcome Hub

WT Architecture are delighted to announce that we have recently been appointed by Amey as part of a team to develop proposals for a ‘Welcome Hub’ for The Forth Bridges.

This significant public project will create a focal point for the celebration and understanding of the astonishing engineering achievements of the now three bridges of the Forth and the cultural heritage of the wider estuary area. To be situated at the current administration headquarters site of Amey and Transport Scotland, a scheme of world-class buildings and landscaping will offer a range of immersive experiences for visitors to admire, learn about and interact with, The Forth Bridges. The ethos of the project is explicitly extrovert, seeking to collaborate with and support all other private and public organisations in the area, as part of a tourism strategy for the region.

The team includes some familiar faces from The Paul Hogarth Company, Arup, The Glamis Consultancy, Turner & Townsend and STR Global.

We look forward to developing the project further and revealing more in 2018.