Open Close

Open Close is a temporary art installation project led by a collaborative team of artists, designers and architects. The project was conceived as a way of demonstrating how our smaller urban spaces can become containers for more joy, wellbeing, stimulation and play and the role that contemporary art and architecture can play in this transformation. Using sound, light, sculpture, design and visual art, Open Close will see interventions large and small, overt and subtle scattered across Carrubbers Close, Chalmers Close and Trunks Close off Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

The installation is part of Edinburgh’s Architecture Fringe Festival, and is a free event which will run from 14th July - 11th August 2017.

WT Architecture are very proud to have several friends and colleagues represented within the Open Close Collective; a collaborative group of artists, architects, academics and web developers united by an interest in how we can make better creative use of the small spaces in our cities.

Visit the Open Close website to find out more about the project, and the collective of people and organisations involved.

Twitter : @opencloseart

Instagram : @open_close_art