Our Island Home


Our Island Home is a home for life, for young and old, that can grow and evolve with its owners’ needs.  The design revolves around Hebridean life, environment and culture: the need for outside shelter from the wind and for covered outside space;  the enjoyment of often beautiful views and the connection to land and sea; the need for daylight and warmth, particularly on short, cold winter days; the need for small warm and/or sheltered social gathering spaces in and around the house and the need for bright, warm and efficient inside space throughout the day, particularly for the elderly and people working from home. 

The building form is long and low; hunkering down in the landscape and ducking down from the wind.  It provides covered pockets of outdoor space under its roof whatever the wind direction, with a living space which opens its walls up  to sunlight throughout the day and views in three directions.  It follows the principles of good island vernacular architecture; robust, protective and easy to maintain, but affording occupants the comfort, warmth, light, energy efficiency and functionality which contemporary architecture can offer. 

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