Concrete wonders

Green Olive have really been progressing things on site in the last few weeks with the two rooflights installed, plasterboard and skim coats going on and the formwork around the concrete benches removed. Jeremy Jackson of Counter Productive has been working magic on the concrete benches by filling little holes and polishing them up before the glazing goes in. And, before we forget, the Dinesen has arrived on site too!


Solid foundations

With the bones of the extension installed, Green Olive have been progressing the internal works with the floor screed and first fix services being installed in the last few weeks. The early sandy surprises meant an alternative solid floor build up needed to be adopted but the client has made the most of this by installed underfloor heating throughout the ground floor. No more cold feet!


The Snow House

It has been a cold month in Elie, but Green Olive have been working through the snow and rain to keep works moving forward! The roofing and temporary boarding across the windows has been installed to protect internal works and keep everyone a little warmer, blockwork supports ready for the polished concrete benches by Counter Productive and plaster chipped off the garden wall where the old extension stood.  Although the freezing temperatures have slowed external works, Green Olive have been proactive by concentrating on the internal spaces instead. The majority of internal framing has been erected and floor insulation down ready for the screed together with under floor heating to be laid in the coming weeks. We love being on site, but bring on the warmer weather! 


Slappings and steelwork

We are in the depths of winter at the moment with temperatures dropping below zero almost every day, but Green Olive have been busy over the past few weeks with the new roof on, slapping in, steelwork up and reinforced concrete foundations being poured today. The minimal design requires good coordination and Wojciech has been working hard to crack the programme puzzle - but everything is on track ready for works to continue in the new year!


A sandy uncovering

The first two weeks on site has seen good progress with demolition of the side extension complete and existing flooring taken up ready for the new slab. However, this revealed some unusual constructions from the past including heavily notched joists, deep services and lots and lots of sand! The design team worked quickly to reach a solution and with approval of the client, a new slab is being extended across most of the ground floor. This work might have been a little unexpected but it is known as ‘The Sand House’ after all...