The Mill Blog
Finishing the services

Giving the building some warmth with a wood burning stove. 

Workings on the interior

The envelope is complete.

Completing the exterior

The last look before the scaffolding comes down.

Windows and insulation

Getting ready for lining out with spruce plywood an plasterboard.

Completing the roof

The interior is starting to resemble an inhabitable space.

Enclosing the new structure

Using reclaimed slates from the original building

Constructing the timber frame roof

A last look at the framing of the internal spaces before the roof goes on.

Timber construction

Reaching first floor level

Installing the timber kit

An exciting leap forward with the installation of the timber frame

A blazing hot day on site

Excavation and completion of new openings in the kitchen

Drainage installed

Drainage installed and new openings to the kitchen being made

Concrete and steelwork

The new structural work starts as the first section of steelwork is erected.

Masonry work

New masonry work is underway for the internal retaining walls, creating the step down from the ground floor.